LIHIM resort and spa is situated in a natural healing environment. Surrounded by bountiful nature, open spaces, and proximity to the sea, it is the best place for your deep transformational spa and wellness experience. Our collection of spa and wellness programs is designed to reinvigorate the mind, body, and senses. Inspired by mother earth’s healing and nourishing powers, unique farm-to-table flavors and transformative experiences at LIHIM connect guests to nature, body, and the best version of themselves.

At LIHIM, we believe that food restores. Movement is medicine. Stillness fortifies the soul. And NATURE is the greatest healer.

Imana is a Sound Therapist working with Reiki, healing touch, frequencies and vibrations, playing singing bowls, shamanic drum, using her crystal chalice, and voice. A Shamanic Sound Healing is a vibrational massage, which will allow your body & mind to relax completely and go deep within. Infused Reiki Healing is a wellness healing technique based on channeling energy into your body through touch.
Offering guests the opportunity to play on brand-new courts with breathtaking views of el nido mountains.
Panari in the Cuyunon dialect means pahinga, rest. Rests at the heart of the property. This open space sanctuary, enveloped by nature, is home to LIHIM’s collection of signature treatments. The wellness spa can accommodate up to two guests in each area.
Equipped to suit all your fitness needs. It features latest equipment including: Treadmill, Bench Press, Exercise Bike, Cross Trainer, Rowing Machine, Indoor Cycle, and more.
Day-to-day yoga wellness classes are available for guests to participate in. Various styles combine physical postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), and meditation or relaxation (Shavasana).

For your wellness journeys and treatment reservations, our Spa services are available from 1000H till 1800H. In-villa services are available upon request.

Our spa facility and services are carefully designed to ignite the body’s five sensory perceptions. Our wellness therapists and practitioners are skillfully trained to provide guests with customized services and treatments guaranteed to achieve a holistic relaxation and an enhanced feeling of well-being.