Lihim Chronicles: For the Earth and Community

Everyone at Lihim Resorts is committed to responsible ownership of endeavors that passionately support the environment and local community. We consider ourselves stewards of the world. We continuously extend our best efforts in ensuring positive action to the environment in which we operate.

For the Community
Lihim Resorts is committed to contributing to the development of the livelihood of local businesses and individuals.
We have initiated a partnership with local fishermen from Sitio Caalan where our kitchen team directly sources sustainable catch from them. This is a celebration of their hardworking and sustainable ways of using low-impact fishing methods and a way for us to continuously harmonize our relationships with the local community through a mutually beneficial partnership.

Villas at Lihim Resorts are adorned with pieces from Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Puerto Princesa. They are a group that creates an alternative livelihood for women by empowering them with knowledge and skills in piña weaving technology.

Last 8th of June, Lihim Resorts celebrated World Oceans Day through a beach clean-up effort. The team picked up trash along our beachfront, sorted it, and made it ready for proper discarding. Last 24th of June, Lihim Resorts joined the effort led by MENRO. The purpose is to dive and collect crowns of thorns from different dive locations to save the beautiful coral reef of El Nido. This effort resulted to 237 crowns of thorns being collected.

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